With asbestos-related diseases responsible for around 5,000 deaths in the UK every year, it’s important to raise awareness of these conditions and highlight the support that is available to victims and their families after diagnosis. We have compiled some of the UK’s online news coverage of asbestos-related issues from June 2017:

A union representing workers within the construction industry has concerns that Brexit could result in some the UK’s asbestos protection laws being weakened, and has asked for guarantees that regulations not be changed or ‘diluted’, as they believe this could put more workers at risk of exposure to the deadly substance and result in more asbestos-related illnesses in the future.

A mother of three in Greenock, Scotland, was shocked to find broken flooring in her new home which was said to potentially contain asbestos. She had just moved into the housing association property when a routine inspection revealed that disturbed flooring in the hall and kitchen was suspected to have been fitting using adhesives containing asbestos. The family are living with relatives until the situation has been resolved, due to fears for their health and safety.

A large amount of material containing asbestos was found in June 2017 at a bonfire site used by children in Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland, and the NI Environment Agency have been criticised by a local councillor for the time it took the materials to be removed. It has been reported that the dumped material, thought to contain asbestos, was first reported by a member of the public on 4th June 2017, but the final clear up of the site didn’t take place until the 12th June 2017. The authorities are currently investigating the illegal dumping of this material and have appealed for local residents with information to come forward.

An inquest into the death of a former power station worker in West Yorkshire was told that the victim and his colleagues in the 1960s had to work unprotected in an environment where asbestos was “falling like confetti” around them. A post mortem performed on Mr Hilton, who died of pneumonia with asbestosis and COPD earlier in 2017, showed a high level of asbestos exposure had taken place and the inquest ruled that asbestos was the likely cause of death.

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