One of the questions I am frequently asked is whether it is possible to transfer an existing personal injury claim from the current Solicitors to us. Often, after a road accident, the insurers will appoint their preferred Solicitor to act for the victim. Some time later, having found the Solicitors are based hundreds of miles away and disappointed at the lack of service quality, the client may want to instruct us, their local firm, instead. Their questions are usually can they do so and if they do, will they have to pay the previous Solicitor’s bill first.

This scenario is set to become ever more common. The government have proposed significant changes to the personal injury claims process, including the outrageous one of prohibiting claims for whiplash injury entirely. We have seen the collapse of one injury Solicitors firm in the North West in recent weeks. If and when the government’s changes are implemented, more are likely to follow. Other firms may simply stop doing personal injury work.

So, going back to the client’s question, the answer is usually yes. It is actually a simple process. We will need the client to sign an authority form, instructing the current Solicitors to transfer their file to us. There should be no need to pay any costs to the original Solicitor. We will normally agree to ‘preserve their lien as to costs’ by which we mean we agree to claim the costs to which they are entitled from the insurers at the end of the case and send those costs on to them once we receive them. Having agreed to do so, we usually receive the file within a matter of days.

The process is quick and painless, so if you have concerns about the way your injury claim is being dealt with by your current Solicitors, call us on 01332 897222 to discuss transferring your file to Dedicated Accident Solicitors.