Dedicated Accident Solicitors helped machine worker, Wade Moore, win a 6-figure sum for his claim after he suffered a devastating hand injury at work.

Mr Moore’s left hand was caught in an unguarded machine in his workplace as a result of which he sadly lost parts of three fingers as well as other severe damage to the hand.

Only 19 years of age when the accident happened, Mr Moore lost most of the function in the hand and has thus far been unable to return to work.

“I was really scared and worried I might bleed to death.

After an investigation by the Health and Safety Executive, the machine was found to be at least 26 years old, in a poor condition and had no emergency stop button.

But Mr Moore’s colleague realised what had happened and quickly put it into reverse.

Mr Moore, now 21, said the ordeal was over in “five to ten seconds”.

But the damage to his hand was irreparable.

“It has completely changed my life. I can’t do half of the things I used to and I haven’t worked since the accident.”

One of his colleagues took the severed parts of his fingers to the hospital.

Owner Richard Pullinger was fined £13,000 and ordered to pay £6,143 in costs after he pleaded guilty to a contravention of the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations.

Effective measures had not been taken to prevent access to the dangerous parts of the roller press.

Health and Safety Executive inspector Richenda Dixon said: “This life-changing incident could have been avoided if the owner of the business had fitted a simple, inexpensive guard to stop a young man’s hand becoming trapped and passing through this roller press.”

Dedicated Accident Solicitors were able to secure an early admission of liability, obtain interim payments to secure Mr Moore financially whilst the claim progressed and finally settle the claim with a six-figure damages award with which Mr Moore was very satisfied.