Dedicated Accident Solicitors were recently successful in securing a significant award of compensation for Derby resident, Mrs Brenda Tooth, when she was injured after tripping in a 3 inch deep pothole in the road, suffering a serious elbow fracture. The fall resulted in Mrs Tooth requiring surgery to repair her elbow using a metal plate and screws, and a hospital stay of nearly a week.

Ever since the incident, Mrs Tooth has been unable to carry her usual shopping bags or enjoy her favourite hobby – walking in the Peak District.

Mrs Tooth initially instructed another firm of solicitors, but after being met with a denial of liability from Derby City Council, those solicitors told her they did not think they could succeed in her claim. This was despite the fact that the road’s condition had been assessed by council workers just a few weeks before the incident, but they deemed any potholes in the location not to be a concern and did not arrange for them to be remedied. The council even inspected the area again after Mrs Tooth’s fall and again did not take any action. It was the following year before the problem part of the road was repaired.

Despite this knock back from her first solicitors, Mrs Tooth then approached Dedicated Accident Solicitors for help. The process of transferring a personal injury case from one solicitor to another, if you are dissatisfied with the service you have received, is usually a fairly straightforward matter. Dedicated Accident Solicitors were able to examine the evidence from the City Council in detail and, by proving with evidence they had failed to arrange the repairs as they should have done, force the Council to admit liability. They then went on to make a substantial compensation award to Mrs Tooth.

The story featured in the Derby Telegraph. Read more here